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Our Beautiful Story

It all started in the town of Kailua, on the Island of O'ahu.

The Island of O'ahu is the closer you can get from paradise.

Peter spent his youth between school, surf and work to buy himself some photography equipment. A big desire to capture extraordinary moments is what brought him to meet Julian, a Belgian photographer staying on the island.  

Autumn of  2014 was an eye opener for Peter when his 16-year-old little sister nearly took her life away because of bullying in school. This had a huge impact on Peter that started to change his photography style to start showing the world how each and every person on earth is extraordinarily beautiful. This has become more than a simple conviction. It has been a mission since then.

Today instead of capturing extraordinary moments, Peter and Julian are more dedicated to creating them. Create extraordinary moments for the big family that Shoockies is. Each and every product is designed around empowering women, help her FEEL beautiful so that she can BE beautiful.

Shoockies is now serving over  5800 beautiful customers all over the world.